Stage 1

Your Idea / Your Project - we turn your basic idea into a fully fledged, workable project from stage 1 to completion.


Stage 2

Sourcing of Suitable Premises - we assist you in finding the right place / location for the right price.


Stage 3

Actual Design & Fitout - we develop the appropriate layouts to make it all possible; we work with the respective government bodies to guarantee that all the legal requirements are met 100%, including 9B Certification for Training College's.


Stage 4

Sourcing of Trades & Equipment - we find the right people to get the job done in time and within budget, from a to z.


Stage 5

Business Systems & Procedures - we help put tried and tested work principles in place to assure a consistent product / service.


Stage 6

Completion / Handover - we make sure that your idea / project is up and running as productive, efficient and financially viable as possible.


Stage 7

Ongoing Support & Training - we support you in all ways to keep it that way.